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What to Do in Times of Uncertainty

It’s time to ask centering questions.

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Do you feel uncertain about what life in the next 12 months might be like? Are there a whole bunch of unknowns that are adding stress to your days?

We are living in a period of constant uncertainty and one of the best things we can do in order to take care of ourselves is to ask centering questions.

Centering questions are questions that ground you in your strengths and give you a healthy dose of optimism.

I invite you to choose any of these centering questions and really take some time to ponder the question. No need to find the “correct” answer – there isn’t such a thing. Pondering the question is all you need to do. You could also write the question on a post-it note and place it somewhere where you will see it every day this week. These open ended questions create an “information gap” which your subconscious mind will naturally seek to solve.

  1. What are all the things I am grateful for today?

  2. Who are all the people who have contributed to my life up until now?

  3. What are all the experiences that have made me as resourceful as I am today?

  4. Who are all the people I get to connect with today?

  5. What are all the ways in which I have some degree of certainty?

  6. If I saw my surroundings through fresh eyes, what are all the things I might identify as beautiful?

  7. What are all the ways in which I might positively impact someone’s life today?

  8. What are all the ways in which I might take care of myself today?

Have a centered day, a centered week and a centered life,
Ginny Santos, your holistic coach.

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A love note from your future self:

I wrote your name in my journal today.

It’s actually quite funny: I was writing a list of all the people who I love and appreciate and I realized that I feel an immense amount of respect towards who I was (who you are) in 2021.

You were always able to experience life with an open mind. Thank you for being so centered

Love, from your future self

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Dr. Anke Verlinden is an award-winning clinical haematologist at the University Hospital of Antwerp in Belgium. As a senior staff member, she specializes in treating patients with acute leukemia, guiding them through the process of stem cell transplantation. She initiated a project on the effects of mindfulness meditation on the immune system function and quality of life of cancer patients in 2019 while also deepening her understanding of the role that food plays in our health and wellbeing.

Anke is the mother of three kids, one of whom was born with severe heart disease. This, combined with the increasing number of questions from patients on the possible effects of nutrition and lifestyle on their healing process, gave rise to several years of study and experimentation in areas that are not covered in medical school, plus a nutrition science degree from Stanford Medical School and a certification in Functional Medicine. She is now also a WILDFIT certified coach as part of her effort to help patients recover better and more quickly from cancer treatment.