How to Boost Your Chances of Success

New Year’s resolutions put pressure on you to do the things you know you “should” do but find difficult to do. That’s why the failure rate is about 80%. But that’s not the sad part. The sad part is that every time you make a New Year’s resolution that you “fail” to stick to, it does a little damage to your self-esteem. This is where the diet industry and the resulting fatphobia comes in: The lower your self-esteem the more quick-fix “solutions” they sell! If you want to extend your healthspan for good (not just temporarily), and you know that this requires changing some of your eating patterns, please focus on this before you do anything else:

Strengthen your self-esteem by making, very small, totally doable promises to yourself. One at a time. Every time you keep a promise to yourself you will give a boost to your self-esteem. The more little boosts you get, the more likely you are to succeed at implementing bigger changes to your habits.

How about starting with increasing your fruit intake for one week? Here are some simple ways to do this:

  1. Start each day for one week with fruits. Fruits are always best for the digestive system when eaten on an empty stomach. You also absorb the most nutrients when they are digested on their own.

  2. Put some grapes in the freezer. Every time you have a sugar craving just grab a frozen grape and let it melt slowly in your mouth. You will be surprised at how satisfying it is.

  3. Experiment with trying new fruits (star fruit anyone?)

Have a smarter day, a smarter week and a smarter life,
Ginny Santos, your holistic coach.

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A love note from your future self:

Thank you, for making healthier choices in 2021.
2031 wouldn’t be as good had you not made good nutrition a priority.

Love, from your future self

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Dr. Anke Verlinden is an award-winning clinical haematologist at the University Hospital of Antwerp in Belgium. As a senior staff member, she specializes in treating patients with acute leukemia, guiding them through the process of stem cell transplantation. She initiated a project on the effects of mindfulness meditation on the immune system function and quality of life of cancer patients in 2019 while also deepening her understanding of the role that food plays in our health and wellbeing.

Anke is the mother of three kids, one of whom was born with severe heart disease. This, combined with the increasing number of questions from patients on the possible effects of nutrition and lifestyle on their healing process, gave rise to several years of study and experimentation in areas that are not covered in medical school, plus a nutrition science degree from Stanford Medical School and a certification in Functional Medicine. She is now also a WILDFIT certified coach as part of her effort to help patients recover better and more quickly from cancer treatment.