Upgrade your Life with a Holistic Coach

I work with people who believe in their own potential but feel stuck in their current reality.

You are stuck because at least one of the following is true for you:

What to expect from your holisitc coach:

Together, we’ll make your goals crystal clear and achievable so that you can’t help but move towards them. As one client put it: “Once I had clarity on my goals, everything else fell into place. It was like I was being pulled towards a different and better future.”

I will keep you accountable and moving forward steadily so that you can see the progress you are making and feel motivated to carry on.

Through our work, you will learn to identify and update your thinking habits (I call these your neuro pathways) so that you can keep the ones that are good for you and update the ones that get in the way of your growth and success.

I’ll show you how to tap into your own creative thinking potential so that you can overcome the challenges that get in your way. You will learn and practice creative thinking tools and scientific methodologies for problem-solving until they become second nature. You will never feel stuck again because you will have all the tools and thinking skills you need to get yourself unstuck.

What to expect by the end of your coaching experience:

You won’t believe how far you’ve come and how empowered you feel now.

You’ve achieved things that you didn’t know were possible and now you’ve got your eye on even bigger dreams — and a road map for how to get to them on your own.

You always knew your life could be better but now you know what it actually feels like to live the life that you have chosen for yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of things can a coach help me with?

Whether you want to be healthier or more impactful, you want to change careers or take a leap forward in your existing career, start a business or up-level your entrepreneurial abilities, be a true role model to the kids in your life, or make some tough decisions, I can help you upgrade your life.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Our coaching sessions can take place in-person at our office (near Bloor & Ossington, Toronto) or by video conference.

Will I have to do “homework” in between sessions?

Together, we will agree on the number and type of tasks or action steps that will work best for you after each session. You will receive worksheets, links and relevant tools that are carefully selected for your unique self.

What’s so special about your approach to coaching?

Ginny uses her extensive knowledge from the Science of Creativity, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Change Leadership, decision-making frameworks, combined with validated research and tools such as Solution-Focused Dialogue, FourSight and Values in Action. Ginny’s extensive experience makes her able to guide your transformation quicker and more effectively than those who are limited to one coaching methodology or approach.

How much does each coaching session cost?

Your first session will be $245 (HST included). Every subsequent session will be $225 (HST included).

Do you wish your life was headed in a different direction?

Are you unsure of what you want or what is even possible for you?

Are you worried about the passing of time and your lack of action?

If you don’t want to just vent about your situation. You actually want something to change. This is what I will help you do:

  • Get clarity on your priorities and long term vision.
  • Identify and work with your strengths.
  • Establish new habits and beliefs to replace the limiting habits and patterns of the past.
  • Become proactive, self-motivated and accountable to yourself and others.
  • Develop your creative problem solving skills and resilience.
  • Develop strategies to overcome challenges and unexpected roadblocks.

Ginny only coaches a small number of people at a time


  • Learn creative thinking techniques and frameworks that you can apply immediately and re-apply within your professional or personal life, without the coaching.

  • After every session you will receive a summary document that highlights your stated goals, your strengths and any next steps that you agreed to.

  • Take away worksheets and exercises that you can re-use anytime you need to create a new shift.

  • Psychological assessments that help you develop insights into your unique psychological and neurological make-up, including your FourSight preferences (reveals how you tend to approach complex problems), your Fear Archetype, and your Play Personality (reveals where you are most likely to be your authentic self, when you are likely to take risks, and what you enjoy doing).

What Coaching is NOT:

An execution factory. I don’t do the work for you. I won’t generate anything for you. I will mentor, coach, collaborate, strategize and generate ideas with you. But I won’t do any of the execution for you. I will connect you with people who can help you get stuff done when you need it. I will also help you establish productive habits to keep you moving forward.

Ready to take the first step towards living your best life?

As they say, the best time to plant a new tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now!

It’s time to grow the best version of your life.

  • Gain clarity on what success looks like for you. Set the type of goals that you can be truly excited and inspired by.

  • Establish the habits that will move you towards success.

  • Set life-changing goals and take decisive action towards them.

  • Learn to overcome real challenges and to take action despite your fears.

  • Set life-changing goals and take decisive action towards them.

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Ginny only coaches a small number of people at a time

Life Coaching for Young Adults.

If you would like to give the gift of life coaching to a young adult who you love and care about, get in touch.

Why I Love One-On-One Coaching

Meet your coach

At parties and events, she’s the quiet person in the corner — but when it comes to coaching, she is jumping out of the front-row-seat, cheering your journey to success.

Client Love Notes

"Ginny has a superb combination of attentiveness, compassionate and analytical mind. I feel heard, as she notices subtle physical and emotional cues as I talk and asks exactly the right questions that help me get in touch with my deeper yearnings. She then helps translate those yearnings into achievable action steps. After each session, I recognize the shift."
- Mina
"Ginny is a fantastic coach and I've hired enough over the years to know! Her approach is direct but very kind. I felt safe to talk openly about what was going on for me, and Ginny's questions and prompts helped me make revelations that were game-changing when it came to the issues I'd brought to our sessions. Ginny's extensive experience in work and life, along with her vast wealth of training, makes her an exceptional coach. She couples it with the calm energy she brings and her gift for articulating exactly what you need to hear at each moment. If you feel stuck, like you're not fulfilling your potential or like you just can't figure out what your next steps should be, you need Ginny."
- Marsha Shandur
"Having Ginny as a coach has been extremely valuable for me. I believe that as a coach, she makes use of proven coaching methods while drawing upon her vast knowledge of creativity and leadership to provide just the support that I need. I gain new, actionable insights every time we meet. Thank you, Ginny."
- Tony Esteves

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Eric Edmeades, is an international speaker, author and the architect of several highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world. Prior to this, he was a serial entrepreneur involved in several big businesses including the Lucasfilm spin-off, Kerner Optical and his first successful venture, The ITR Group, a supplier, integrator and maintainer of IT equipment. In the world of evolutionary biology and nutritional anthropology, however, Eric was an accidental hero. Suffering for most of his teens and early 20’s with severe allergies, sinus troubles, throat infections and acne, he was only weeks away from a surgery to take out his tonsils when a friend of his urged him to attend a personal transformation seminar. That seminar ended up not only clearing up 10 years of chronic symptoms — it changed everything he believed about health and food.

Since then it has been his life’s passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. And that the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great. Eric created WILDFIT as an easy, structured and step-by-step system which anyone can use to attain basic physical fitness. And a long, healthy, enjoyable life.

Dr. Anke Verlinden is an award-winning clinical haematologist at the University Hospital of Antwerp in Belgium. As a senior staff member, she specializes in treating patients with acute leukemia, guiding them through the process of stem cell transplantation. She initiated a project on the effects of mindfulness meditation on the immune system function and quality of life of cancer patients in 2019 while also deepening her understanding of the role that food plays in our health and wellbeing.

Anke is the mother of three kids, one of whom was born with severe heart disease. This, combined with the increasing number of questions from patients on the possible effects of nutrition and lifestyle on their healing process, gave rise to several years of study and experimentation in areas that are not covered in medical school, plus a nutrition science degree from Stanford Medical School and a certification in Functional Medicine. She is now also a WILDFIT certified coach as part of her effort to help patients recover better and more quickly from cancer treatment.

Ginny Santos is the Founder & CEO of NeOlé Inc and an Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has an M.Sc. in Creativity and Innovation from the State University of New York and a certificate in Nutrition Sciences from the Stanford Center for Health Education at Stanford University.

When she was 9, Ginny lost her mother to cancer. Curiosity and fear led her to study preventative healthcare, unconscious decision-making and nutrition. As a WILDFIT certified Coach, Ginny combines her expertise in Creative Problem Solving, Metacognition and Nutrition Science to guide people in establishing healthy habits for optimal health and longevity.